Risidale & Montroux Developments

There are currently a number of developments taking place in Risidale and Montroux, bringing about a revived spirit in the suburbs, but at the same time raising concern that the area is changing quite quickly.

A number of residents are concerned with the densification plans and what this will bring to the area, possibly affecting the residents possitively or negatively.

This area of the site will be dedicated to these developments, their scope and status, as well providing a platform on which you can comment and discuss these issues.

A number of the developments are listed on the right, and you can look at them and form your own opinion.

If you would like to add your feedback and opinions on these developments please email RMRA Committee



Risidale Shopping Centre

Risidale Residential Complex

21 Celia Road Complex





If you have any comments or suggestions you would like added please email them to RMRA Committee@risidale.org.za