Verdi Residential Complex Development

In 2008, Protecta Build applied for permission to the coucil, after already demolishing 4 houses and clearing the site, to have plans approved to develop a residential complex with +100 residences, between Verdi Road and Beyers Naude.

A number of residents put in objections to the council concerning the densification and its impact on traffic and access in Verdi Ave. After a number of meetings and hearings a compromise was reached with the developer on a number of issues. These included parking arrangements, number of floors being built and over-flow parking.

Development has been delayed for this reason, and in January 2010, the Cellular Tower was removed from the site in preparation for the commensment of this project.

Verdi Residential Development

To date, no work has begun on this site.

The site however has become overgrown and looking very untidy, and this has been raised with the council to have the owners clean the site and get it to a reasonable state once more.



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