Risidale Montroux Residents Association

Many residents have expressed a growing concern with the escilating incidence of criminal activities in Johannesburg. This page will be dedicated to the latest news and hints on what is happening and how to respond to issues.

Many residents feel that there is no response from the SAPS when they report issues that have taken place , but in many cases it has become clear that the incorrect process was followed resulting in a less than satisfactory result. See Who is responsible for what ...


  • Observers in the street In the week of the 10th Feb we once more had an incident in Risidale where an observer (an innocent looking youngster) went from house to house ringing door bells to see who was at home. If no one responded he then tried to assess if the house could be accessed. If confronted he tried to pass of the fact that he was looking for old newspapers, even though it was garbage collection day and all the Ronnie bags were on the pavements.

    Fortunately in this case, he was confronted and ran towards Barry Road and into Beyers Naude. However he was observed making a cell phone call and almost immediately had two other individuals in the street running the other way following the call.

    Please be on the lookout for these folk as they are testing to see what they can do. If you have private security then please summon assistance quickly, as both ADT and Chubb are well aware of this incident and will respond quickly to the summons.

  • Vehicles slowly driving in streets We have been informed that a number of incidents have been reported where vehicles have been observed slowly patrolling the streets. It is not clear exaclty what they are doing, but it appears to be drug related. Once more we suggest that you be aware and keep yourself safe. If you observe a registration, please record it and email it (along with a description) to RMRA Committee and report it to security in the area.

Keep a lookout for

At the Linden Policing Forum meetings many incidents have been reported where crimes have been prevented by residdents of the areas due to their keen observations and timely reported calls. The SAPS cannot be everywhere, and with the short staffing they experience, have requested that residents keep an eye out and inform them of incidents that take place, or suspicious activities that can be responded to.

By being informed and knowing what action to take, you can help prevent crime before it takes place. Hwoever this largly depends on residents being able to identify situations and communicate quickly.

Get to know your neighbours and their domestic staff, and you will soon be in a position to know who should and should not be there. In many cases houses have no occupants during the day, or have senior folk home alone. Keep a watch over them and make sure they know how to contact you if they need assistance. The site has a listing of important numbers that you can use.

What you should do !

It is important to know who is responsible for what services in the area, and how to get assistance when required. See Who is responsible for what.. for policing responsibilities.

For SAPS reporting - a Law issue - Call 10111 and report the incident. They will then get the appropriate police station to respond.

For JMPD By-law issues - Call 011 375 5911 and report the issue on that number.

For a quick listing of the most important number click the Contact link at the top of each page.

Who is responsible for what !

The role of the SAPS and Metro police is not always understood and a lot of time is waisted contacting the incorrect services.

  • The SAPS are responsible for enforcing the Laws of the country, not the bylaws of the cities. They respond to criminal activities and civil matters.

    Please make sure that you contact the appropriate services as the SAPS may not be able to enforce bylaws and visa versa.

  • The JMPD are responsible for enforcing the bylaws set out by the provinces and cities. These include traffic control, vagrants, Loitering and Drunk or dis-ordely behaviour amongst many others.

  • The Emergency Service are a City/Provincial service. These include Fire Services, Ambulance Services, City Water and City Power.

    For a quick listing of the most important number click the Contact link at the top of each page.

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For more information eMail any questions or comments to the RMRA Committee