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Next Event: EMMA Koppie cleanup on 28th September @ 9h00

As residents of the area, we all are aware of the challenges of keeping the residential areas in a reasonable state of repair, especially with the slowly deteriorating service delivery we are experiencing. We all feel the frustration of having the recreational areas we do, but not having them serviced as they should.

We are fortunate to have 3 Parks in our area, although they come with their problems

  • Risidale Park
  • Mozard Park
  • Emma Park

We can all make a different by getting involved and assisting in the various initiatives arranged by the RMRA and residents to help address the issues. Just a few hours every second week, makes all the difference.

EMMA Koppie is our next big event being organised by the Darrenwood residents on 28th Sep 2013 @ 9h00

Emma park is a reasonbly large area that stretches from Risidale Primary School to the Irish Club on 5th Avenue and includes a Landmark monument called Emma Koppie.

I am sure most of us have driven up to the Koppie comming down 5th Avenue and wondered what is up there. Well you may or may not know that there is a monument on the top in commemoration of the centenary of the "Groot Trek" of 1838.

I, as a Geocacher am also aware that this is the location of a Geocache called the "Ancient Linden Greenstone" which is quite an interesting geological formation.

However it really needs a bit of care and thus an event is taking place on the 28th September @ 9h00 to clean up the Koppie, and get things back in order. The Darren Wood Residents Association and Risidale and Montroux Association will be in attendance to clean up the Koppie and and put things right.

Please support this initiative and help us address the problems at the Koppie and join other residents who are making a difference.

Upcomming Initiatives

Clear the 'Park and Ride' in Verdi

Clear the Substation in Montreuil Street

Clear the Substation in Vincent Street

Repair the Split Pole Fences in Risidale Park

Clear Mozard Park

Trash Pickup on Beyers Naude


Completed Initiatives

Emma Koppie Clean up

Cleared Substation of Trees and Bush in Vincent Road

Repaired Security Fencing next to Woolworths Loading area on Verdi.

Replaced Locks on Verdi Entrance to Open Development.

Rubish Pickup in Risidale and Barry Road Parks.

New Dustbins installed in Barry road, Risidale and Mozard Parks.

Barry Road Park tree trimming.


Images from the Emma Koppie Clean Up
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Now thats a job well done. The organisers at work.

Coordination is the name of the game.

All hands on deck.

Now that looks a lot better.

Now that looks a lot better.

All the way round. (12.6Mb)

And around. (12.6Mb)

Now that looks a lot better.

Now that looks a lot better.

Now that looks a lot better.

Now that looks a lot better.

Now that looks a lot better.

What there is more ??.

Now that looks a lot better.

Trailor and Bakkie load number 3.

Someone dumped building rubble in the monument! What a Nation we are!

Ok, now thats a job well done! Looks way better.>

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