Risidale Montroux Residents Association

We are proud participants in Mobilitate and the continual improvement of Risidale and Montroux.

What is Mobilitate ?

Mobilitate is a public forum established with the objectives of supporting the community in aspects of Crime Management, Service Delivery, Community Development and social responsibility.

For more information eMail any questions or comments to the RMRA Committee

How to use it.

The MAP in Mobilitate is an interactive map of the areas, and icons on the map indicate incidents that have been reported.

You can report an incident on this site, and it will be logged with the appropriate service providers.

All incidents can be logged and reviewed on the site.

All residents are encouraged to register with Mobilitate if you want to participate in the community.

See www.mobilitate.co.za and the RMRA on RMRA at Mobilitate