The FibreHood - A digitally enabled neighbourhood

Both Risidale and Montroux qualified for installation of Fibre to the home.

In November 2015 Vumatel received the go-ahead to establish the Fiber infrastructure in Risidale and Montroux. Construction began in January 2016 and was completed in most parts by June 2016. The first installations took place in July and at this point many house holds have taken up the offer and installed the Fiber service. The entire are was completed by August and is now fully functional.

So what is a Fibre enabled suburb and what does that mean to us?

In the digital age that we find ourselves in, we are increasingly exposed to the realtiies of the digital world. We see this in the way we no longer talk to people on a phone but interact with video, SMS, MMS, Email, WhatsApp, Skype etc. and in the way that we Shop online, read the News, or do our Banking, while watching steamed Movies and TV.

What has really changed to enable us to move from that static delivered Newspaper into the online Push notification of an event that has just unfolded?

  • Dialup Modem over the telephone line to a service provider.
  • ISDN dedicated modem line to a Provider
  • ADSL Connectivity over your telephone line.
  • Broadband cellular connectivity where ever you go
  • .. and now Fibre Optic connectivity to the home. (sometimes fererred to as FTTH)

Well its the digital age we now live in where connectivity is everything. From the news services to the Websites, Goverment services and the services to the home, are now data based. This means that having a stable, affordable digital service is becomming more important in the value and sustainability of a growing community.

Interestingly, the property agents have expressed real interest in what Vumatel's plans are as they are seeing more and more decisions about purchasing properties being based on the services available at those properties. Following the installations in Parkhurst, and later in Parktown North and Greenside, it has really been interesting to see how the takeup of properties placed on the market have been sought after. One agent reported that they are anticipating an 9% to 12% improvement in property value in those areas covered by FTTH.

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