The Digital world we live in. What happened ?

In the digital age that we find ourselves in, more and more are we exposed to the realtiies of the digital world. We see this in the way we no longer talk to people on a phone but interact with video, SMS, MMS, Email, WhatsApp, Skype etc. and in the way we Shop online, read the News, or do our Banking.

What has really changed to enable us to move from that static delivered Newspaper into the online Push notification of an event that has just unfolded?

  • Dialup Modem over the telephone line to a service provider.
  • ISDN dedicated modem line to a Provider meant the first digital connection
  • ADSL Connectivity over your telephone line brought permanent connectivity of a digital nature.
  • Broadband cellular connectivity where ever you go made us mobile, but has its limits.
  • and now Fibreoptic connectivity to the home. (now referred to as the Fibre Hood)

Well its the digital age we now live in where connectivity is everything, we are never far from some form of connection to the Internet. However this also means that as we move forward more and more information that we deal with daily, is no longer printed, but made available digitally. Most newspapers have seen a steady drop in subscriptions as the digital world changes the format of news to real time digital media, and the format changed from written text to images and video.

Even more interesting is that most large investment houses and businesses now offer incentives if you get statements and communications via email etc. (Not sure if the Post Office was a victim or a contributor to this), but it is global trend. In Holland for instance there is no longer a Postal Service to the door, but it is handled by the courier who also delivers your internet purchases, the milk and other groceries, to the corner store, who then drop it of in the evening, when you are home.

This digital evolution also has other effects, that change the way we communicate, deal with services and with our friends and family overseas. Skype, WhatsApp and other social media services are taking the market away from Telkom, who we see are trying desperately to get into the digital market via Mobile and (a little late) fibre services.

Most younger generation home owners will tell you that they have no Landline as it is of no use in this age, where we are always connected and they just use Cellphones. However they will also admit that they do need connectivity for their social media, Video Streaming (instead of DSTV), Skype Calls (much cheaper than mobile) instead of Landline calls. Home security services are becomming more and more dependant on fast stable connectivity, that almost always depends on fibre type services, especially where cameras are concerned. Many security companies now offer remote surveillance of properties, if the connectivity is sufficient, and in some cases, will know that someone is on the premises, before the alarms are even triggered.

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