Save the Trees

A number of residents have raised concerns about the removal of the trees in our area, either by new owners, or by developers who use the exuse of the need for densification to warrent the removal of trees that have been here longer than we have.

For example the last couple of developments in each case have resulted in more trees being removed from the properties to allow for the higher density development. This is not improving the living conditions overall of anyone, as the removal of trees in fact worsense the air quality that we enjoy, reduces rain fall, reduces the wildlife within the area and overall increases noise pollution.

We have some amazing trees in the area, some of which date back before the development as a residential area, and it is sad to see these trees being removed instead of developers embracing them in their development plans.

Lets all try and preseve the trees by attending to them and addressing issues like size and obstruction by addressing the problems before they are unmanagable and result in the entire tree being removed.

Just recentrly the btrees in the parks were addressed by City Parks who removed the low lying branches, Trimmed and Prumed them, and it really has opened up the Park access, while improving the overall conditions of the trees at the same time.

We have a number of gardeners in teh area who can advise on tree care, and if requested, I am sure would be more than happy to assist, with the assistance of some of the more able men, to address trees on pavements and in parks and try and preserve what we have before it gets out of hand.

Any volenteers in this area, please let us know and we will add your name to the list of experts who can advise and assist in managing our environment.
Environmental Issues and Advice

For more information eMail any questions or comments to the RMRA Committee