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RMRA and its objectives

The Risidale and Montroux Residents' Association (RMRA) was formed in early 2007, and is currently made up of approximately 10 representatives from these two suburbs. The RMRA meets monthly to address issues affecting the area, including:

  • traffic calming
  • densification
  • the Emma Koppie
  • safety and security
  • developments in the area
  • Power Interruptions

Local ward councillor Pat Richards provides regular feedback to the RMRA on broader ward issues.

The RMRA meets on the last Wednesday evening of the month at the Linden Bowling Club at the end of Third Street in Linden @18h30. All residents of Risidale and Montroux are welcome to attend. At the meetings we cover a number of topics and provide feedback on various issues being addressed.

"The RMRA understands and supports the need for densification in suburbs, but we also want to look after our trees and homes, as you can see from our logo," says Yusuf Moola, an RMRA member, resident, and local business owner.

How to get involved ....

As most are aware, it is the residents of the area that make a different to how we see our community. If you would like to get involved we have a number of events that are being planned to address various issues in the area, see more details ....

If you want to subscribe to our newsletter, please send an email to subscribe@risidale.org.za and we will keep you informed of any news in the area. Each newsletter will be available on this site as well. See RMRA News on the right hand menu bar.

For more information eMail any questions or comments to the Committee

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Emma Koppie Cleanup 28th Sep 2013. See the Article and Pictures

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